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Aug 23-26, 2024

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ETHTokyo is a engaging hackathon for the global Ethereum community where people with all sorts of backgrounds, ideas, and skills come together to share their love for Ethereum and its world. Whether you're a seasoned expert or just curious, you'll find friends and inspiration here. Our goal is simple: to connect diverse minds and foster the creation of amazing new innovations for the future. Join us and be a part of shaping what's next in the Ethereum universe!


Hackathon tracks

Freedom of transacting

This track is for hackers who want to ensure that anyone, anywhere, anytime can facilitate unrestricted transactions. We look for projects that promote financial inclusion and enable people to access and send tokens across borders without restrictions. If you want to hack on p2p solutions, build censorship-resistant applications, and ensure that transactions can be private and secure, this track is for you.

Robust democracy

This track is about building platforms and tools that counter disproportionate influence of centralized powers to enable informed and collective decision-making, credibly neutral and transparent governance, and collaboration and coordination among communities. Other ideas you could hack on are quadratic funding, sybil resistance, and decentralized social reputation.

Infrastructure and tooling

This track is for the architects working on the underlying infrastructures on which distributed public applications can run efficiently and reliably. Possible ideas include protocol specification and implementations, networking, developer tools, and hardware. Contributions to developer experience, such as debugging tools, testing frameworks, and comprehensive documentation, are highly valued.

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